Show Brief :

It is your weekend turn up show 7-10 pm, every Saturday which blesses you with a huge dose of local music. The listeners get to request the tracks with a music shout out as their share their whereabouts. This show showcases a proudly local Top 10 charts giving a platform for local artists break into this charts and stay there as new tracks are voted into the chats. When the DJ gets on the decks, it’s a total turn up with a gig guide of the best parties in CapCity. This is your perfect turn up with Mantom, Igwe and Trish making your Saturdays the best.

Time slots :

19:00pm – 22:00pm

Presenters :

Hosted by

Trish, Mantom and Igwe.

Connect :

Request and Comments can be tagged #TurnUp on twitter and facebook
Call in Studio on : 012 382 4936