Show Brief :

Avant-Garde-Inn is a Lounge Music show with a difference from most traditional weekend shows. It captures a niche audience with an eclectic ear. The sound that is of non-conformity, alternative to the known and adventurous to the travelling spirit of music. It takes you from Africa to the world with great artists who have released a wealth of music under the LOUNGE genre and it’s sub-genres. This show is a place where the listener can feel free with the music. As you tune-in at 3pm from the first track play listed to the last, this show would have already immersed your musical ear to a sound that will leave you yearning to find more. That’s why when you’re listening to Avant-Garde-Inn, you just simply #ChillaNetSo .

Time slots :

15:00pm – 18:00pm

Presenters :

Hosted by Irvin Motswakae & Kabelo Legend

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Call in Studio on : 012 382 4936